Jodi L. Woollam, Master Integral Coach

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I believe inherent in each person is a capacity for greatness, to live a life with purpose and authentic leadership –  whether you are managing a team or navigating your own destiny, true strength must hold a duality of  force and immediacy in concert with compassion and spaciousness.

Similar to the merits of great athletes, in order for leadership skills to be sustainable they must be tapped, regularly sourced, enhanced and embodied. Your  intention must be supported by action.

With a personally tailored program, designed exclusively for your needs, I will help you zero-in and gain clarity and then work with you for to affect momentum and drive. You will feel and notice the difference, as will those around you.

 By using muti-dimensional assessments, anchored with a bespoke program and creating real time practices for and with you, my methodology as an integral coach, helps you fully understand your edge of development as well as lean into and work with it for sustained growth and embodied change.


My business background includes an active coaching and facilitation business as well as over 20 years in corporate communications for the public, not-for-profit and private sectors.

My background in communications as well as my experience in community events and theatre has offered me an unique opportunity to experience what is at the root of one’s motivations and challenges. As a result, I work to  deeply understand what is important to my client's personal and professional story and help them take the seat as author and leader in their life and career.

My coaching clients are generally seeking to bring their inherent leadership to the surface. Clients include senior executives, managers, parents, artists, and retirees.

Overview of Coaching Program

Integral coaching uses the world’s most comprehensive and integrated model of human development and is anchored with three broad pieces: 1) a coaching program that is presented and modified in collaboration with the client; 2) focus and foundation practices that are offered and adapted for scale and suitability based on the next natural step/need, developmental area; and, 3) the coach's own map that outlines the lenses; the client's capabilities in each area of development and the areas that can be leveraged; as well as tracking to mark progress.

Coaching certification, credentials, and training

        Master Coach, Integral Coaching Canada - Ottawa, apprenticed 2011, certified October 2012

        Mastery Coaching Recertification, Annually - Ottawa, spring 2013, 2014, 2015 

        Facilitator: Next Stage Facilitation, training by Ten Directions - Boulder Co, October 2014

        Group Facilitation Methods; Facilitated Planning, ICA Associates – Regina, Nov. 2011; Toronto, Mar. 2014       

        Public Relations, Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, Degree 1993


Contact Information

Jodi Woollam


cell/text: (306) 520-7024


twitter: @JodiWoollam