Jeff Lobb

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Jeff Lobb B.S, B.Ed, M.Ed

Jeff currently resides in Regina, SK with his wife Ana. He has a long list of experiences working in educational, non profit/faith, sectors with a track record of success. His journey has allowed him to live in the U.S.A, Kuwait and travelled to more than 35 countries.Jeff speaks three other languages at varied levels and takes pride in being a global citizen. Jeff has formally studied Religious studies, Education and Education Administration.

Jeff has collaborated and worked with faith based and non profit organizations since 1998. His travels have taken him to different countries each year working with community leaders, businessmen and politicians to work together on community improvement projects. Jeff’s passion and studies and have culminated in doing seminars for a variety of groups and individuals on the inward life, awareness, intuition and paying attention to the inner voice. Jeff is frequently invited to speak on a variety of topics including beliefs structures and the conversation within. Jeff has worked with all ages, ethnic backgrounds and learning styles of students during his teaching career. His most recent assignments have included at risk, ESL, low cognitive students and students on the autism spectrum. They have taught Jeff more about life than any of his life experiences combined. His most frequent clients have been politicians, athletes, entrepreneurs, educators and parents with at risk students.

After a life changing and near death motorcycle accident with a transport truck, Jeff’s journey has brought him into the best years of his life. He continues to meet with, teach and collaborate with a variety of leaders around the globe in community and faith projects.