Webinar #1 – Discovering Who You be – The Inside Job of Being a Coach



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Celebrating International Coaching Week
Webinar #1: Discovering Who You Be – The Inside Job of Being a Coach

Dianne McCoy, MA, PCC

Learning Objectives for coach attendees: Focusing on Coaching Presence Competency Is present and flexible during the coaching process, dancing in the moment.

  • Access own tuition and trusts one’s inner knowing

  • Is open to not knowing and takes risk

  • Sees many ways to work with the client and chooses in the moment what is most effective

Exploring coaching presence during this webinar requires – – small exercise for attendees to reflect on their roles in their life – exploring how coaching presence shows up for coaches when coaching and in their life through their invited responses and discussion. – reviewing coaching presence competency and providing link to the ICF competencies for attendees to review and reference -modelling coaching presence through a coaching demonstration – getting feedback on what attendees noticed with respect to demo and coaching presence using competency listing reference.

At the beginning and at end of the webinar the attendees will be asked to assess their knowledge of “Coaching Presence” and what specific learning they took away.

ICF Competency – Coaching presence – .75 Core + .25 Resource CCE

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