Webinar #3 – 3 Steps to Develop Your Inner Coach Supervisor



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Celebrating International Coaching Week
Webinar #3: 3 Steps to Develop Your Inner Coach Supervisor

Jamee Tenzer, PCC and Sherri Boone, MCC

Communicating Effectively and Facilitating Learning and Results 
For coaches to become aware of the power of self-reflection and active listening to themselves when coaching which enhances their ability as a coach.  We will give the participants an opportunity to experience guided self-reflection combined with some writing prompts. At the end of the session, they will take away a 3 step process that they can use after every coaching session. The learning from this process will strengthen their coaching skills and enhance their coaching abilities. 
It will begin with a brief introduction and definition of Coaching Supervision, highlighting the concept that supervision offers coaches a SUPER vision. While developing our inner supervisor is not a replacement for formal supervision, the content of this talk will focus on how coaches can self reflect and ask questions that lead to a deeper process. 
Following the introduction, we will lead the participants through a process of looking at a specific client or coaching session and reflecting on it from a few perspectives, including: 
Who does this client remind you of?  What is your level of trust?  What feelings come up for you when coaching this client?  Do you notice any parallel processes? (what is happening between coach and supervisor is the same that happens between the coach and their client) What if any ego states are you invited into when coaching? (parent, child, adult)  What metaphors come to mind to describe your relationship with this client?  What do you avoid when coaching this client? 

ICF Competency – 1 Core CCE

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