Webinar #4 – Ethical + Moral Maturity in the Coaching Profession



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Celebrating International Coaching Week
Webinar #4: Ethical + Moral Maturity in the Cloaching Profession

Lily Seto, MA, PCC, ESIA

In this webinar, we will explore key concepts from the book “Ethical Maturity in the Helping Professions: Making Difficult Life and Work Decisions” by Michael Carroll and Elisabeth Shaw, as well as the idea of moral maturity. Topics include the difference between morals and ethics, why the contract you have with your coaching client is so important, and how situational factors influence ethical behaviour. Concepts include:

  • What is ethical maturity? What’s the difference between moral and ethical maturity and do we ever “arrive”? How do we make ethical decisions? 

  • Personal factors that may influence unethical behaviour. 

  • How to develop and sustain strategies to avoid being unethical. 

  • A process to make good ethical decision.

ICF Competency – 1 Core CCE

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