Welcome to the ICF Saskatchewan Chapter

Jackie McConaghy, President ICF SK

The prairies have been in a deep freeze for the past month, during that time I hope you've had a chance to snuggle up with a great book, catch up with some reading or binge watched "Tidying Up" on Netflix and then cleaned all your closets, like I have. 
The idea behind "Tidying up" is to find what sparks joy for you and keep only those things that you need for the future.  As the ICF Board has been "tidying up" our webpage, we have found great memories of the work we have done together. First, we were a Chapter just based in Regina, then we expanded to coaches in Saskatoon and now Manitoba. As we grow so does our reach and our impact as more and more people experience coaching. 
What sparks joy for me is knowing that I'm apart of a community that finds new ways for people to receive the benefits of coaching. 

Our Community Support program has expanded the ability for organizations to be nominated where our members reside (Saskatchewan AND Manitoba), we can make local impact in our communities with those people who serve our community. 

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What sparks joy for you? Your business? Your clients? How will you bring more joy into your coaching? 

Member Benefits

Membership provides a variety of benefits:

  • Learn from other coaches, and build a strong professional network
  • Opportunities to hear excellent speakers and attend events.
  • Opportunities to share the costs of participating in various events and venues to promote coaching.