Marni Renner

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Marni Renner an Internationally Accredited Professional Certified Coach and Certified Human Resources Professional with 20 years’ experience in human resources.  She is the Owner of Feel Your Groove Coaching supporting individuals and organizational leaders throughout their transitions in creating optimal results.  Feel Your Groove Coaching assists to create positive conditions and life practices for personal, professional and relational excellence.

The Mission of Feel Your Groove Coaching is to assist individuals in re-discovering their groove in specific areas of their life or career and perhaps truly finding it for the first time. Her focus is to get you off that hamster wheel and create your sense of purpose, passion and fulfillment that you so desire and deserve.

Utilizing a unique Energy Leadership Assessment and specific coaching tools she creates a specific strategic plan unique to you with focus on areas for greater life satisfaction.  Small shifts have incredible impact. “Everyone is either a leader by choice or default.”  Do you want to be a leader of your own life?  Do you want less stress, more energy and greater fulfilment?

She believes as clients come to know themselves more completely and with her support they can lead their lives with greater clarity, increased confidence, greater job satisfaction, focused vision resulting in a life with deeper meaning and greater satisfaction each day. She is 100% committed to her clients and always focused on their agenda allowing them to be authentic.

She provides a FREE Discovery Session with ZERO Obligation. Feel your Groove Coaching is dedicated to meeting your needs and will design an individual program unique to you.


Marni has been a trusted and valued colleague of mine for many years. I am consistently impressed by how two 'ships' characterize her H.R. management - LeaderSHIP and RelationSHIP. She excels at both. Her leadership is characterized by lived example of continuous improvement and quest for knowledge - She shares her vast knowledge through exemplary relationship... 'I don't care what you know until I know that you care'...

I know her personal and professional coaching will be actualized in a similar fashion... A true professional with much to offer - she is a trusted and valued colleague who I am pleased to offer my highest recommendation!

Allan Boutin

Human Resources Superintendent

Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools