Angeline Chia


Angeline S. Chia is a certified professional coach and a member of the International Coach Federation. She is the owner of Sights on Success Consulting. Angeline’s coaching specializations are intercultural competence development* for individuals and teams and career coaching.

Angeline envisions workplaces to be models of intercultural competence. She is passionate about helping individuals and teams to develop and use intercultural competence effectively to build a more inclusive and cohesive society, out of the rich and wide range of diversity present in contemporary workplaces.

Angeline has explored, developed, and excelled in careers in the public service (Singapore), teaching English as an additional language (Canada), and career development (Canada). Angeline has embarked on a career in the field of professional coaching, because it is the logical and meaningful culmination of more than twenty years of educating, guiding, facilitating, and coordinating the learning and development of adult learners and professionals. Angeline recognizes coaching as an effective method for helping individuals and teams to develop intercultural competence which will ultimately result in career advancement and personal satisfaction.

In addition to her experience in learning and development, Angeline’s coaching, intercultural, and career development expertise is informed by the following qualifications: a Master’s degree in Education in the field of Human Resource Development, employment counselling training, intercultural training, and the ICF certified Expedition Coaching Program. Angeline is also a qualified administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory. The IDI is a theory-based, cross-culturally validated, developmental assessment tool for measuring and increasing intercultural competence.

Angeline will be launching a website in the near future, for Sights on Success Consulting, which will provide detailed information on her coaching practice and the intercultural competence development process. Until then, potential clients are invited to contact her by email or phone or through LinkedIn.

* Intercultural competence is the capability to shift cultural perspective and appropriately adapt behaviour to cultural differences and commonalities. (Hammer, 2009)