Donna Kane

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Donna holds a University Degree and her CHRP (Certified Human Resource Professional) designation. She never thought she would go back to school to study but that she did when she was introduced to the Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching through RRU since she believed this program was an incredible opportunity from a personal and professional perspective.   

Donna has worked in a wide range of leadership roles in both private and public sector during her career and has appreciated each opportunity. She has introduced many strategies over the years and, together with her dedicated teams, transformational processes and practices have been established, resulting in individual and organizational success. Donna believes that, by applying the Coaching methodology, leadership capacity is enhanced.As such, she was instrumental in training the organization’s management team in this process. She believes the ‘coach approach’ is an effective and powerful tool and she has been asked to be talk about her organization’s journey on many occasions. She also appreciates applying the coaching principles on a day-to-day basis as she works through many issues and opportunities with managers in her organization. To Donna, the ability to connect with others and having meaningful and enlightening conversations to effect positive results for them is what coaching is all about.  

She is committed to volunteering in the community on a regular basis, especially when it comes to helping children. And, lastly, together with her husband, they believe they are blessed to have their families close by to enjoy many special moments with them.