Lynn Gow


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Born and raised in New Brunswick, Lynn worked as a Social Worker for 18 years, counselling women and families.  After a career change in 2000 to Information Technology, Lynn lived and worked in both Victoria BC and Saskatoon where she led small and large teams in both the Public and Private Sectors. 

Lynn’s focus was on a result based approach to solutions supported by solid Change Management strategies.  Combining her years of training and experience, she has founded Design for Life Coaching &
Consulting Inc.

The one constant through both careers has been Lynn’s focus on empowering people.  She believes that the key to effective relationships, productive workplaces, successful project teams and a person’s peace of mind ultimately comes down to the same thing; people knowing who they are, and living an authentic life in line with their core values.

Lynn’s coaching focus is working with women through transition; career, personal and life.  She also ffers group coaching as part of her Personal/Professional Leadership Programs for Women.

As a PMP, Certified Expedition Coach, and a PROSCI Certified CM Professional Lynn has experience in Project Management, Organizational Change Management, Coaching, and Leadership.  Lynn possesses extensive experience in managing programs and delivering projects as well as staff mentoring, supervision, support & training.

Lynn Gow
Design For Life Coaching & Consulting