Greg Wensel

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Greg is the Owner of CoachingConfidential Inc. He is a Certified Executive Coach(Royal Roads University), Educator, Human Resource Leader, and Manager with formal education at the post graduate level, plus training in Strategic Human Resources( Harvard Business School), Performance Management, Compensation & Benefits, Organizational Development, and Elements Related to Change and Leadership; in addition thirty plus years experience in dealing with business, government, unions and public forums. He has extensive experience in Coaching and HR Interventions, and considers himself to be a pragmatist when it comes to helping others achieve transformational personal change. It comes through and from the clients.

Greg has had the opportunity to teach Human Resource at SIAST, the Hill Business School, and the Levene Graduate School at the University of Regina. This has provided him with the opportunity to keep current with Coaching and HR best practice. Working with Greg will afford individuals the opportunity to grow in many ways, but the impact will be as a result of the relationship, and the journey of raising personal awareness. Through Greg individuals realize they should embrace knowledge, shills, abilities, and competencies which got them to where they are now. Having said that as Yogi Berra once said, “You can’t win tomorrows ball games on yesterday’s home runs”. Working with Greg in a Coaching relationship is about the future. “YOURS”