Sarah Thompson

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Sarah Thompson C.E.C  offers a genuine coach experience. Direct and clear conversations, goal focused questions, and valuable observation-based feedback to help you lead your personal and professional life with a design for success. Sarah is known for her direct approach and brings an array of client experience to coaching. With over 10 years of business development and sales management - involving marketing, branding, recruitment and training, operational effectiveness, design and implementation of policy - Sarah stands on a solid foundation of leadership skills. Sarah has studied and presented on areas such as Sales Strategies -'Connecting with the Consumer', Team Building- 'Celebrate Who We Are', and Management Leadership - 'Being Your Authentic Self'

Sarah's personal foundation is built on her interest in the human world. Culture has been a profound area of exploration in her life whether in business, academics, or in travel. Sarah lives and leads through her personal values of authenticity and creativity. Alongside her business ventures, Sarah has studied and practiced Buddhism, Astrology, Ayurveda, and Yoga as a means of exploring her authentic self. She has from there developed leadership skills based on the principles of compassion, mutual learning, and communication.