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Melissa Pylypchuk
President, ICF Prairie Chapter

Together with the ICF Prairie Chapter Board, Melissa seeks to continue elevating the practice of professional coaching in our prairie provinces and to serve in our communities. 

Ours is a Chapter that gives learning, and knowledge-sharing opportunities to our members, while so many of our coaches GIVE BACK – volunteering with our Community Support Program. 

We invite you to connect and share in building a vibrant coaching community – Melissa would love to hear from you


ICF Prairie Chapter is pleased to announce the 2022 Prism Awards were held on October 19, 2022.

This opportunity to support the ICF Prairie Chapter mission and acknowledge the impact- and success – of coaching.

“To lead the advancement of professional coaching by profiling organizations in our communities and recognizing their accomplishments.”

Read more and enjoy photos of the evening celebrations.

Read more and

The Board invites you to meet and connect.
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I joined the ICF back in 2011. I was starting up my coaching business and desperately needed local colleagues. I found a wonderful community in the Prairie ICF group. As a matter of fact, a large number of the members became participants in my doctoral dissertation, and I am deeply grateful. My business has benefited from the networking and referrals making the membership fee easily pay for itself. Over a decade later, I am still happy to be part of the chapter, especially for the friendships.

Scott Francis, PhD, ACC

I joined the ICF Prairie Chapter to find a community of people to learn and grow with in my coaching journey. I found much more than I anticipated. I found a diverse group of extremely caring and professional people. This community has been essential to my growth as a coach and a human being over the last 4 years. It is because of the depth of experience and character in our members.

The call to action should be first to discover the benefit of a great community of people in our chapter. The second is that we aren’t meant to do life and business alone. There are lots of possibilities to learn and grow together and this chapter is one place to discover just that.

Jeff Lobb, ACC

I joined ICF Sask when I was new to the business of coaching. As a result, I have built lifelong relationships with colleagues interested and curious to learn and grow professionally and personally. Having worked solo for most of my career, these connections have been invaluable and inspiring. This, in addition to training and events, advertising benefits and opportunities to volunteer are why I continue my membership with ICF Sask.

Wendy Turner-Larsen, PCC

I joined the ICF Prairie to find a community of coaches that could help me grow professionally and in my business. I volunteered to be a community support coach and then for a position on the board. I ended up with amazing friends and colleagues. Get involved, you have so much to gain!

Jackie McConaghy, CEC, PCC

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