Brian Mitchell-Walker, PCC
President ICF Prairie Chapter

Brian has recorded a welcome message and invites coaches, almost coaches and aspiring coaches to join the ICF Prairie Chapter; our members are your go-to resource for all things “coaching”.

ICF Prairie Chapter is pleased to announce the 2022 Prism Awards will be held in September 2022.

Chapter members in Saskatchewan and Manitoba are invited to submit a Prism Award nomination for an organization.  This is an opportunity to support the ICF Prairie Chapter mission and acknowledge the impact- and success – of coaching.

“To lead the advancement of professional coaching by profiling organizations in our communities and recognizing their accomplishments.”

Prism Award recipients and nominators are recognized for their outstanding performance in demonstrating the effectiveness of coaching.

A Prism Award Gala Event will be held with plans to include awards for small, large, for profit and not-for-profit organizations.  

Don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate the Coaches who will showcase the power and positive impacts of coaching and your join colleagues in applauding their accomplishments.


If you have any questions or are interested in volunteering, please contact the organizing committee.

The Board invites you to meet and connect.
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I became an ICF Sk member because after taking the training, I really needed a community. I was all by myself in rural Saskatchewan, very disconnected from other coaches. Being a member has helped me stay connected and the events give me an opportunity to meet other coaches from throughout the province. I highly recommend becoming a ICF SK member – especially if you are self-employed.

Tracy Schira-Parker, CPA, CMA, ACC

I joined ICF Sask when I was new to the business of coaching. As a result, I have built lifelong relationships with colleagues interested and curious to learn and grow professionally and personally. Having worked solo for most of my career, these connections have been invaluable and inspiring. This, in addition to training and events, advertising benefits and opportunities to volunteer are why I continue my membership with ICF Sask.

Wendy Turner-Larsen PCC

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One of the most valuable things about your ICF membership is being a part of a community of coaches who understand and share your challenges and joys. There are numerous opportunities to get cultivate connections to the ICF community on the local and global level.

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