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Reflective Practice and Unconscious Bias for Coaches

Thursday, November 5, 2020 at 6:00 – 8:00pm (Regina)
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We will explore the power of reflective practice to help us become aware of our biases and learn ways to minimize impact on our being.

The what and why of this workshop invitation.

This is a workshop for a maximum of 20 coaches

  • Registration includes the 2-hour webinar and a 30-minute follow-up call with Brian
  • Upon registration you will be sent a Zoom link
  • 1 week before the webinar you will receive optional reading material and a short online exercise

You are invited to pause and explore, in an interactive online setting, the natural human experience of biases that may limit our ability to engage with clients and others.

We will explore the power of reflective practice to help us become aware of our biases and learn ways to minimize their impact on our being with clients.

This invitation is to be part of a safe space where judgement is suspended, and collaboration is evident.

Becoming conscious of the limiting reality of our unconscious biases can move us to greater capacity to be present and create safe spaces with clients, work in teams and become more attentive to the unconscious influences on the work we do.

It is from this place of emerging self-awareness that I invite you to enter a group learning experience designed to expand our capacity to be curious, respectful and authentic with others.

As a group we will explore our explicit biases and uncover some unconscious biases that can limit our view of the world.

Learning objectives:

  1. To deepen understanding of Unconscious Bias to lessen its impact on our work with others.
  2. To learn self-monitoring practices to increase our personal capacity to support others.
  3. To build reflective practice capacity to increase self-awareness and personal effectiveness.

2.5 CCE’s = 2 Core Competency + 0.5 Resource

Brian Duggan, RCT PCC

The more I have reflected on my world view and its limiting impact on others the more I have seen the importance of developing the reflective skills to become more aware of my Unconscious Bias. This reflection includes the impact of my race, gender, power and privilege on relationships with clients. It is from this place of acknowledging the influences on my world view that I wish to explore Unconscious Bias and create greater reflective capacity with you.

I am an ICF Professional Certified Coach, Nova Scotia Registered Counselling Therapist, Certified Cultural Intelligence Facilitator and the author of Coaching From the Inside Out: A personal approach to coaching for change.

Currently I am a student of Coaching Supervision where I am discovering Reflective Practice to deepen my coaching / counselling and personal presence in service of my clients.

I bring broad experience supporting counsellors and coaches to expand their capacity to create safe spaces for clients to find change in their lives. My role as a facilitator is to create a learning experience that can enhance our professional development by exploring new learning and leveraging our professional, personal, and organizational strengths.

External Events – Member Sponsored

Wendy Turner-Larsen
Sense and Soul
The Power of the Heart & Mind

Sense and Soul Saturday is a Live Facebook event where I share insights and tips for your or your clients mental health, psychological wellness as well as ways to thrive.

20 minutes of ‘you’ time
10:00 am CST
No cost!
See you Saturday.

The Leadership Wellness Group
Certified Resilience Coach Program
Cultivate resilience in self and others

The Certified Resilience Coach Program (CRCP) is scheduled to begin September 19, 2020. 


Delivered in a hybrid model: both online and live, this program also includes a done-for-you resilience coaching system. 

Register here.

ICF Ethics Community of Practice
Coaching Virtually-Global World
Lily Seto, MA, PCC, ESIA

Many coaches have worked virtually with clients before the pandemic and now many practices are operating solely online.

Join the Ethics Community of Practice and Lily Seto, PCC, as they explore the ethical considerations when working virtually, emphasizing a global perspective.  In this workshop, attendees will be presented with a case study and asked to discuss the ethical considerations in small breakout groups referring to the updated ICF Code of Ethics.

1.5 CCE units in Ethics Core Competencies

October 21, 2020 at 4:00pm (ET)
FREE for ICF members.
Register here

2021 Prism Awards

A Message from the Director of Prism

ICF Saskatchewan + Manitoba Chapter 2021 Prism Awards

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ICF Saskatchewan/Manitoba is pleased to announce that the 2021 Prism Awards will be held during International Coaching week May 3-9, 2021.

We are inviting all Chapter members to start considering organizations in Saskatchewan and Manitoba to nominate.  This is your opportunity to support the mission of your Chapter and lead the advancement of professional coaching by profiling organization’s in our communities so they can be recognized for their accomplishments and how coaching is impacting their success.

Recipients of the Prism Award gain recognition for outstanding performance in demonstrating the effectiveness of coaching and documented return on investment. They participate in the awards ceremony, and receive a tailored award statue to commemorate their achievement.

If you know of an organization that is utilizing a coaching initiative to impact performance and is receiving tangible value from coaching, nominate them for the ICF Saskatchewan/Manitoba Chapter 2021 Prism Award Program.

Awards will be presented during a special Prism Award Gala Event and may include awards for small, large, for profit and not-for-profit organizations.

Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase the power of coaching in achieving organizational excellence.

Stay tuned for more details on the 2021 Prism Awards!  In the meantime, start thinking about who you could nominate.

Celia Caswell, ACC
Director of Prism

Is coaching making a difference in your organization?

In 2005, ICF Global adopted the PRISM Award.  The award epitomizes what professional coaching can accomplish in organizations at all levels.

PRISM Award recipients exemplify how coaching can develop an organization’s human capital by maximizing individuals’ potential and leading to high Return on Investment (ROI) and Expectations (ROE) from coaching interactions.

Lori Lipinski nominated the Co-op Refinery Complex (CRC) which won the 2017 Prism award.

Kathy McCrum, former Director, Human Resources at the Refinery, says that the CRC’s coaching program was implemented to enhance leadership effectiveness.

I became an ICF Sk member because after taking the training, I really needed a community. I was all by myself in rural Saskatchewan, very disconnected from other coaches. Being a member has helped me stay connected and the events give me an opportunity to meet other coaches from throughout the province. I highly recommend becoming a ICF SK member – especially if you are self-employed.

Tracy Schira-Parker, CPA, CMA, ACC

I joined ICF Sask when I was new to the business of coaching. As a result, I have built lifelong relationships with colleagues interested and curious to learn and grow professionally and personally. Having worked solo for most of my career, these connections have been invaluable and inspiring. This, in addition to training and events, advertising benefits and opportunities to volunteer are why I continue my membership with ICF Sask.

Wendy Turner-Larsen PCC

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