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Bringing coaches together to build community, strengthen fellowships, initiate conversations and discuss key elements of coaching.

October Coaching Cafe
Monday, October 25th at 7:00-7:45am SK/8:00-8:00am MB

A meeting of minds from across Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Come prepared to listen, share and be heard.

Facilitated by Jeff Lobb and Dawna Atamanchuk, discussions will focus on essential components of masterful coaching:

• The wholeness of the coach and resolve to lifelong learning

• Professional conduct and ethical coaching practices
• Building trust in coaching relationships
• Focus on strengths – our own development as well as clients’
• As a thinking partner, listen deeply and be curious about the client’s perspective, emotions and behaviour
• Encourage and support the uniqueness of the client
• Create clarity and direction, measure successes and motivate individuals to learn and grow

Coaching Cafes are planned with purpose: creating community, strengthening fellowships and sharing knowledge – registration is free.

These events are recognized by the ICF and qualify for 0.75 Resource Development CCE.

Wednesday, November 10, 2021
7:00 – 9:00pm CST
This is an online presentation –register here

In this Introduction to the Enneagram, a personality type system which focuses on the interactions of our 3 centers of intelligence, you will learn to how to enhance your coaching presence with your clients.

Part of building presence is noticing what prevents us from trusting our gut reactions, opening our heart or quieting our mind to be fully present with our clients.  When we can discover this for ourselves we can help our clients to be grounded in the moment, in touch with their emotions, and access to that internal knowing of what is needed for this moment.  CCEs pending

Brian Mitchell-Walker, PCC
Brian considers himself, like all of his clients, as a complex human being where only parts of who he is show in any given moment.  Brian now operates with the belief that the more in touch he is in the moment – that it enriches not only the skills he brings but also what can arise to enhance the moment.


Roland Legge
Roland has been learning about the Enneagram since 2010 and studied with the Enneagram Institute. The Enneagram has helped him to understand what makes himself tick. He has become emotionally stronger, more forgiving of himself, and more confident. Courageously in his 50’s he began a new career in coaching and teaching the Enneagram.

External Events – Advertising

Certified Resilience Coach Program
Cultivate resilience in self and othersAre you and your clients stressed, overwhelmed and struggling? The Certified Resilience Coach Program (CRCP) is a 12-week blended program designed to teach you everything you need to know about how to cultivate resilience, ease, joy and vibrant well-being in yourself and your clients. ​Rooted in the latest evidence-based behaviour-change principles and lifestyle management best-practices, the CRCP addresses all the core competencies of resilience coaching within a single program experience.

In this program you will:
Our clients rely on us to be strong, composed, and focused. This program starts with you developing your own resilience, health, and well-being.
You will learn resilience-coaching best practices and take on the role of a resilience coach for 8 weeks. Understanding how to create habit change in clients is key to becoming a masterful resilience coach.
The program includes a done-for-you resilience coaching system. It also allows you to earn: 36 International Coach Federation Continuing Education Credits: 20 core and 16 resource; a Certified Resilience Coach designation; and business opportunities.

The next offering runs from January 29, 2022 to April 10, 2022 and includes three live (2.5 hour) web sessions taking place February 5, March 5 & April 9, 2022.

For program details including learning outcomes, dates, fees, and to register visit:

Partnership 2021-2023
ICF SK+MB and Leadership Saskatoon
ICF Prairie and Leadership Saskatoon have partnered for 2021-2023.

This partnership acknowledges the team coaching that our members provide to the program and the importance of working with professionally certified coaches as well as the benefits of working together to cross-promote each other’s programming.  Leadership Saskatoon provides a 10-month community leadership development program.

For many years, our members have coached the Leadership Saskatoon community leaders.  Most of the time this was the leader’s first experience with coaching and the significant benefits to their personal and professional development. Team coaching provides the leaders with the space to examine local community challenges through a team project as well as the individual’s leadership impact. The coaches provide a safe space for the team to examine their leadership when challenges are ambiguous and uncertain, a stretch for those who are used to solving problems and having the answers.

The Board is elated that Leadership Saskatoon shares the common interest that developing leaders requires a multi-layered curriculum that includes coaching to challenge leader’s current mindset, to shift their paradigms, and to move into action.

2022 Prism Awards

We have plans!  Keep watching for exciting updates>

Is coaching making a difference in your organization?

In 2005, ICF Global adopted the PRISM Award.  The award epitomizes what professional coaching can accomplish in organizations at all levels.

PRISM Award recipients exemplify how coaching can develop an organization’s human capital by maximizing individuals’ potential and leading to high Return on Investment (ROI) and Expectations (ROE) from coaching interactions.

Lori Lipinski nominated the Co-op Refinery Complex (CRC) which won the 2017 Prism award.

Kathy McCrum, former Director, Human Resources at the Refinery, says that the CRC’s coaching program was implemented to enhance leadership effectiveness.

I became an ICF Sk member because after taking the training, I really needed a community. I was all by myself in rural Saskatchewan, very disconnected from other coaches. Being a member has helped me stay connected and the events give me an opportunity to meet other coaches from throughout the province. I highly recommend becoming a ICF SK member – especially if you are self-employed.

Tracy Schira-Parker, CPA, CMA, ACC

I joined ICF Sask when I was new to the business of coaching. As a result, I have built lifelong relationships with colleagues interested and curious to learn and grow professionally and personally. Having worked solo for most of my career, these connections have been invaluable and inspiring. This, in addition to training and events, advertising benefits and opportunities to volunteer are why I continue my membership with ICF Sask.

Wendy Turner-Larsen PCC

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