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Shahira Mabrouk, ACC
Coaching Credentials
Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
Phone Number
Shahira is an Associate Certified Coach, a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), who has been helping immigrants/expats for over two decades. She knows the challenges and obstacles that newcomers face, as she herself is an immigrant. Shahira has a Bachelor’s degree in commerce and helped run her family business before starting her own business in Cairo. In 1997, she moved to Canada and started working for government and private corporations on diverse startup projects and with community organizations, which shaped her leadership skills and allowed her to help empowering visible minority women. Due to her work, she was invited to sit on the advisory committee of Canadian Women Foundation (CWF-IRP). CWF funds over 3,000 life-transforming programs throughout Canada. She also sits on ICF board of Directors in Canada (Prairie Chapter) as the Director of Communications and served as the Program Director for PMI SK Canada. She is also a DEIB facilitator of Global ICF who runs workshops with groups to explain and promote Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to different stalkholders Shahira is passionate about helping others achieve their dreams and live a life of purpose. She has been coaching and mentoring immigrant families/ women entrepreneurs, empowering them to overcome the barriers and challenges that may arise as they start or expand their own business in their new country, and unleashing their potential to flourish in their new communities. Owing to her work and life experience in Canada and other countries she lived in across Europe, she is well aware of the many obstacles and challenges facing newcomers, who are looking for opportunities and a helping hand to get past these barriers and successfully integrate into their new life ventures. Seeking opportunities, with individuals or groups, to coach immigrants and risk-takers anywhere who are eager to start a journey of self-discovery and willing to have a determined mind throughout this journey to safely reach their new place in their new country. Based on her clients’ testimonials she is confident to assure her future clients that her style of coaching along with her faith in immigrants’ potentials, go a long way in achieving better than initially desired results with them as individuals or groups.
Areas of Practice
She is the founder of CanadaLink Coaching and Consulting, where she is helping women and marginalized individuals and groups to find their courage to improve performance, and for organizations to find the right direction to build unique enriched culture of diversity where every one feels included which in turn leads to the progression of its success (locally and globally). The goal is to unleash the potential of all to ensure the fulfillment of personal and professional goals for individuals or organizations. 1- Personal growth coaching (focusing on groups, individuals and women in business) Shahira lead group coaching in the topics of self-defeating beliefs, self-compassion, boundaries, assertive communication, emotions to enhance confidence and courage towards achieving their goals. Clients report improved levels of stress and ability to convey their needs and boundaries which leads to decreased stress and improved confidence in better managing their life and business. She provided coaching to immigrants clients a settlement agency in Canada. After working with her, clients state that they are more confident and focused on their goals, are aware of what is important to their life and the business they want to start and how they can smoothly transition into their new venture/circumstances.  2- Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging workshops: Shahira has joined the ICF Global DEIB Leaders/Directors to promote diversity and inclusion across the international communities of ICF. And now she is facilitating the ICF approved training to different stalkholders groups such as ICF board of directors and ICF membership. From here, she develops her own program where she can help different organizations to explore areas where more attention is needed to tailor sessions for employees. During these sessions, more in-depth discussions are encourage to reach the organizations' goals of DEIB work within its culture. Other services: EXPEDITION Coaching™ - Facilitator