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Barbra Bell
Coaching Credentials
Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
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Barbra Bell, Be Bold Coaching Interested in being the best that you can be? Interested in embarking on a journey that increases your self-awareness and supports self development and personal growth? If so, then professional coaching can take you there and Barbra Bell is the coach who can be your guide. Barb is a graduate of the Certified Executive Coaching Program at Royal Roads University. She values a partnership approach to exploring new possibilities and learning. Her previous education in recreation administration and business administration were cornerstones to honing her skills as a facilitator, manager, consultant, team leader, community developer, strategic advisor, “sounding board” and executive coach. A career as a senior level manager in municipal government that spanned over 33 years allowed Barb to personify skills in developing and empowering staff and in building and sustaining strong, effective and productive teams. Part of Barb’s mandate was to enhance and maintain strong partnerships and be instrumental in strategically focused business planning. For Barb, continuous learning is a critical part of our life’s journey and she avidly engages in self- development through learning. A snapshot of Barb’s more recent learning experiences is as follows: Training in Critical Conversations ADKAR Change Management Queen’s University Organizational Design Program Certification to administer and debrief the Leadership Development Profile (MAP – Maturity Assessment Profile) an instrument used to determine leadership styles and action logics and enlighten the way leaders make meaning of their actions. Expedition Coaching™ Program Certification to administer and debrief the Facet 5 Personality Profile on how individuals behave at work and how to manage their work strengths. Certification to administer and debrief the Retirement Success Profile™ which aids in determining your strength factors for a successful retirement and LifeOptions Profile™ which reviews six life arenas for retirement success. Barb is an active volunteer in her community and feels that volunteering is the fertile ground that allows for personal growth and that it is a tremendous opportunity to “pay it forward”. It is Barb’s belief that we are the sum total of all of our experiences and we have an obligation to share our knowledge as well as absorb from others if we are to be the best that we can be. Our worlds are places of rapid and continuous change. The value of executive and leadership coaching has never been more pertinent. Barb excels in the arts of listening and observation. She has the experience and the knowledge to support you through change and the perspective to challenge and encourage your personal development. Through her company, Be Bold Coaching, Barb offers individual or team coaching. She is also a Certified Facilitator and faculty member for the Expedition Coaching Program™ and a Retirement Options Certified Coach. Let your journey begin. Barb can be reached at 306-526-9578 Email: Freedom lies in being bold - Robert Frost.
Areas of Practice
Executive, Leadership and Retirement Coaching