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Cyndie Knorr is a mom or three amazing grown kids, and she is in love with her husband, Kelly, who is also her best friend. It wasn't always this way! She has transformed her life from an unhappy, unhealthy, over-worked, rather miserable person into someone who now lives her life to the fullest, and inspires others to do the same! In 2017 she co-authored a book with Brian Tracy and other thought leaders called "Cracking the Code to Success". You can read about how she went from weighing 220 lbs to losing 60 lbs (and has keep it off for years) in her chapter called "The Weight is Over". **Email her and she will be happy to send you the chapter for free, as well as the audio recording where she will be reading it TO you!** Besides being a Sussess Coach, Cyndie is also a Professional Portrait Photographer and her favorite subjects to photograph are women who hate getting their pictures taken or think they don't look "good" in photos! Your Business Portrait has 3 seconds to make a first impression. People are going to check you out online before contacting you. If you want people to "trust" you and hire you, selfies don't cut it! Contact Cyndie for your professional head-shots! She leads by example -- striving to continually Grow, and improve - and she is frequently stepping out of her Comfort Zone, working on her speaking and communication skills in Toastmasters, and now with the creation of a YouTube Channel. For everyday strategies on how to Be Your Best, and live an awesome life, subscribe to "Cynergy Coaching: Goal Getter Life" on YouTube. ( In 2017, Cyndie directed and produced a full feature documentary on Frances Olson, one of the first women in Real Estate in the 1960's and 70's. It's called "Up the Ladder In High Heels" and portrays how Frances grew her business to 60 women Realtors, despite numerous adversities and setbacks. Cyndie loves to help others develop their Self-Confidence, and has created an online course called "Breakthroughs to Self-Confidence: What you think." Working on your Self-Confidence is one of the most important things that you can do to dramatically improve EVERY area of your life! If your mind is full of negative mental chatter that is holding you back from believing in yourself, sign up today for the FREE - 5 Day "Peace of Mind" Challenge. You can start turning those disempowering thoughts around and will be amazed at what you can do in just 5 days! Click here to check it out... Cyndie is a voracious student of life and she studies and learns something every single day to improve her own life, and to continually bring even more value to her coaching clients. Some of her favorite topics of study are: Mindset, Habits, Productivity, Health, Longevity, Neuroscience, Communication, Emotional Intelligence, and ... some "different" topic too... like -- "Understanding Men" (;D).... and she's also learning Spanish.
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Certified High Performance Coaching: CHPC is for anyone who wants to take their life to the next level (in your Career, your Health, as well as your Relationships). People often assume that you have to compromise your health or your relationships in order to become successful in business. Research has proven otherwise! They say it's lonely at the top... but it's only lonely if you do it wrong! With CHPC coaching, the right mindset, habits and daily practices, you can achieve your dreams, outperform your peers, grow faster than you ever imagined, and actually have FUN doing it! CHPC is an holistic approach to Coaching which was developed through extensive research, studying the habits and mindsets of thousands of the world's most successful people. Darren Hardy said, "Right now your waistline, your bank account, and the quality of your relationships are all a cumulative result of the CHOICES that you have made in your life up to this point." If you are feeling stuck in any area of your life and if 'good enough is not good enough for you', the CHPC coaching will be perfect for you! Cyndie has been personally trained and certified by Brendon Burchard. The 12 week CHPC program that she takes her clients through is the exact same one that Brendon uses when he coaches Billionaires, upper level CEO's, celebrities, Olympic athletes, and presidents of countries. It will work for anyone who knows that they are capable of a whole lot more than they are currently living, and are ready to take their life to the next level. Cyndie Knorr is a Mindset Coach, and "Change Agent". Your SELF worth determines your net worth. You can change your thoughts and your old beliefs that are no longer serving you. They are just your current "Habits of Thought,". Success Leaves Clues! Good enough is not "good enough" for you! You are capable of a whole lot more, and you do not need to try to figure it all out on your own! Sign up for your free "I want MORE out of my Life" session, and let's get you LIVING the life that you KNOW you are meant to be living! The world needs what YOU have to offer!!