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Kimberly Hall
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I'm a Certified Life Coach from an ICF accredited program as well as Certified Interview & Employment Strategist through Career Professionals of Canada. I'm qualified to administer the EQ-i 2.0 & 360 certification and completed Foundations of Emotional Intelligence through Goleman EI. I received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Saskatchewan in 1995. Prior to becoming a Personal Development Coach, I was a front-line supervisor at the Central Branch of the Regina Public Library for 20 years. Inspired by this experience, my workplace coaching focuses on helping Middle Managers, Supervisors and Team Leads thrive in the middle.
Areas of Practice
Personal Development Coach who helps individuals transform their experience at work. I offer private and workplace coaching. The foundation of my practice is 3 Good Things For A Thriving Career: Values, Strengths & Emotional Intelligence. With these 3 Good Things part of your every day life, you'll move forward with self-awareness, confidence and a strong inner compass to guide you at work to make a positive impact and in the rest of your life, too.