Linda Allen-Hardisty
Coaching Credentials
Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
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Linda has built a reputation as a vibrant, contemporary voice in the business world by blending her grounding in the field of organizational effectiveness with a practical approach to solving problems based on professional, real-world experience. Over a 15-year career, she is an experienced leader and works with leaders - from corporate executives to entrepreneurs - improve their success. With a M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Regina and a certificate in Organizational Development from Queens IRC, Linda helps organizations achieve by enhancing the effectiveness of their leaders and teams. Her industry experience includes: Oil & gas, IT, utilities, post-secondary, tourism, ICT, financial services, municipal government, creative industries, and SMB. She is a TEC Canada Chair, leadership and executive coach, and the CEO of Horizon West Infrastructure Fund. Linda is also a Queens University IRC workshop facilitator and a contributing member of Forbes Coaches Council. Prior to private practice, Linda’s corporate leadership experience included the role of Director of Organizational Development in a company listed on the Hewitt Top 50 Employers in Canada, and becoming the first Manager of Strategy and Performance for a municipal government undertaking cultural transformation.
Areas of Practice
executive coaching, leadership coaching, emotional intelligence, peer advisory groups (TEC Canada)