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Marina Jeffery, ACC
Coaching Credentials
Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
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Marina Jeffery is principal consultant, learning facilitator, and leadership/ team development and career coach in her own company Pursuit Learning and Consulting Ltd. in Regina. She worked in human resources in instruction, consulting, program or team manager roles for 15 years and has been an independent consultant and coach since 2008. Her major contract commitments have been as an organizational change management (OCM) consultant on the people side of changes for various kinds of projects – new processes, systems or reorganizations. She supports change leaders via group or individual coaching, consulting and facilitation. In 2023, she is shifting her focus from project term contracts to spend more time in support of leaders in smaller companies and non-profits. In pursuit of creating lasting change through learning and to better understand and cope with health challenges in her circle of family and friends, Marina has researched brain health, positive habit development and the impacts of dementia on caregivers, and applies this learning to her coaching and consulting practice. Marina holds a B.A. from the University of Saskatchewan and a B.Ed. from the University of Regina.
Areas of Practice
Leadership and Team Development, Change Leadership Competencies, People Performance and Motivation, Career Coaching