Natalie Kazeil
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Natalie Kazeil has used her life experience, deep faith and compassion in partnership with her husband to raise four beautiful gifted young women, co-create a successful business and to become the kind of mentor and coach her family friends and community continue to rely on for solutions to life’s pressing issues. Over the years, she has earned the reputation as a proven mentor and coach who has impacted the lives of many by highlighting a path of empowerment, accountability and faith in God. With the recent addition of certification in Life and Christian/Spiritual Coaching with an emphasis on healing and transformation, Natalie is looking forward to offering new clients the opportunity to achieve the life they desire. What she learned when she chose the path of Life Coaching enhanced her confidence that she has much to give to people searching for answers. People like you who want to solve their problems and tackle their goals but aren’t sure how to get out of a rut or move forward with confidence and positive anticipation for the future.
Areas of Practice
I'm Natalie and I have a passion for helping people discover the hidden gifts and strengths within them. My goal is to walk beside you and help you heal your heart, help you overcome negative emotional obstacles and create a positive transformation in your life one step at a time. Success is achieved first by my ability to connect quickly with you and gain a trusting relationship. Building on that foundation, my gift of compassion and care creates a safe space for you to share your thoughts and feelings. During this process you will gain self-awareness and clarity to see answers within yourself. I will guide you through various coaching techniques to help you overcome unhealthy habits, gain better thought patterns, connect with your core values and honour your inner spirit. We will work towards establishing realistic goals to set you up for success. I will be your biggest supporter and a huge source of encouragement along with keeping you on track as you work toward your goals.